Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship

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This event is running from 18 December 2022 until 21 December 2025. It is next occurring on February 25, 2024 10:30 am

  • Venue: Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce
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Birmingham Friends Meeting offers hybrid meeting via Zoom using THIS LINK. We are also meeting in person at the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce.

Meeting for worship takes place from 10:30-11:30 am every First Day (Sunday) morning. Join us at 10:15 to get settled in prior to the start of worship. We meet in a hybrid format, with some friends joining via Zoom, and others attending in person at the Royal Oak  Chamber of Commerce at 200 S. Washington Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067.

Ours is a “silent,” unprogrammed meeting, meaning that worship centers within an expectant silence.  Quakers believe that there is “that of God” in every person, and that this “Inner Light” can speak directly to each person, without the intervention of an intermediary. The goal of our corporate worship is to hear the voice of this Inner Teacher as we enter into the presence of the Divine. When a worshiper hears a message given them by the Inner Voice and also feels called to share it, they may rise and speak. Listeners will then allow a time of silence to reflect on what has been said. However, a meeting for worship may also pass entirely in silence, as the messages that are given to us may be intended solely for our own hearing.

As worship draws to a close, those present are invited to share joys and sorrows by a member of the meeting. That person then greets a neighbor by shaking their hand, which then spreads throughout the room, thus closing the worship. It is our custom for the person who closes meeting then to ask visitors to introduce themselves. After announcements, Friends disperse, often pausing for conversation and light refreshments before leaving.

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