There are no paid clergy in unprogrammed Quaker meetings.  The clerk(s) of the Meeting are resources for general information and ensure that Meeting business is conducted.  Most of the work of the Meeting is done by meeting members and attenders who volunteer through a committee structure.

All committees, with a few exceptions, welcome members and attenders to attend who might be interested in the work of the committee.  Committees with closed attendance may deal with sensitive information and are closed to ensure the respect and privacy of matters discussed.  These committees are designated below with an astersisk.  If you feel led to participate in those committee meetings, please contact the clerk of that committee to secure an invitation.

“Volunteerism has marked the Society from its beginnings.  Volunteers as they work together for the Meeting, often find their religious lives mutually strengthened, their sense of community deepened, and their commitment as members affirmed.” Source:  Faith & Practice (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1997) p. 188

Officers of the Meeting

Clerk: Harriet Greenwood
Co-Clerk: Wink Covintree
Recording Clerk: Geoff Brieger
Treasurer: Inge Brieger


Ministry and Nurture*: Responsible for the pastoral care of members and attenders.
      Tom Hubert (convenor)
     Committee’s pages: Accessible to committee members only

*Closed attendance.

Communications: Responsible for the online communications of the meeting.
     Members:  Bill Warters (convenor), Saad Shah