Related Quaker Websites

The Lake Erie Yearly Meeting has prepared a great set of links to information on the wider Quaker world. You can use these links to explore further:

  1. Information on Quakers
  2. Resources for Quakers
  3. Quaker Radio Programs
  4. Books, Pamphlets, Magazines & Newsletters
  5. Umbrella Organizations
  6. Quaker Associations
  7. Quaker Blogs
  8. Quaker Retreat & Study Centers
  9. Quaker Schools & Educational Organizations
  10. Quaker Camps
  11. Friends Houses (places to stay)
  12. Quaker Social Action Organizations
  13. Other Social Action Organizations

Birmingham Friends Meeting’s new listserv

The adhoc Web Committee (Pam Melick, Marvin Barnes, Jj Kidder and Bill Warters) is pleased to announce the release of our new meeting listserv. To get the list started we have used the email addresses maintained in our meeting directory. If you would like to added to the email distribution list, you can use the Contact Us link to pass along a request to be added.

We look forward to the connections and convenience provided by the list and trust that over time we’ll find the right balance of supportive and informative messages that can help nurture the spiritual life and growth of our meeting without unduly burdening the inboxes of participants.